Euro Loop Handle Sack Truck Blue 480 x 595 x 1150 mm

£176.40 inc. VAT
£147.00 ex. VAT
  • Wide backs and choice of large fixed or fold-up toe
  • Bright zinc-plated wheels with black solid rubber tyres
  • Bright blue epoxy finish
  • Continuous loop handles – easy grip whatever the angle

This Euro Loop Handle Sack Truck in bright blue epoxy finish is an eminently practical and elegantly simple evolution of the time-honoured ‘sack barrow’ design. Its wide back support and a choice either of a large fixed ‘toe’ or a fold-up one, make it capable of carrying all sorts of bagged and boxed items with ease on its 300mm solid rubber-tyred wheels. Unique to this particular product are those stylish ‘Euro Loop’ handles, which give you better grip and control even at the most award of angles.

Extra Information

Lead Time:
5 Days#10 to 15 Days
Wheel Size:
200 mm
Wheel Type:
2 x Solid Wheels
Load Capacity:
200 kg
Toe Plate Width:
410 mm
Toe Plate Depth:
255 mm
480 mm
595 mm
1150 mm
16 kg