Folding Container

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Prices from: £17.40 ex. VAT
  • Lightweight, yet strong construction
  • Minimal recesses for easy cleaning
  • Handholes on all sides for easy carrying
  • Choose from two external heights: 190mm and 235mm

This is great all-round storage and distribution container is particularly handy where space is at a premium because when not in use it folds flat in an instant. Lightweight, yet sturdily built, with handholes for easy carrying, it’s perfect for all sorts of uses, including food and fresh produce, and with minimal recesses it’s easy to clean too. Choose from two external heights: 190mm and 235mm.

Extra Information

Lead Time:
5 Days
47 L
Internal Length:
266 mm
Internal Width:
366 mm
Internal Height:
221 mm
External Length:
600 mm
External Width:
400 mm
2.1 kg