Hop Up and Kick Steps

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Access the top of shelving quickly and safely with our range of kick stools and hop up steps. These small, lightweight steps are ideal for a range of tasks and workplaces, from shops, stores, offices and libraries to warehouses and workshops. Kick stools are practical and versatile, as well as small enough to be portable. Our small step stools have a non-slip platform on top and a rubber base ring underneath to ensure they hold firm to the floor and don’t slide, roll or tip over.

We also sell hop up steps, which are small folding steps with two or three stairs which can be set up wherever they are required. They’re lightweight, easy to carry and available in a range of materials, sizes and step configurations. Our hop-up steps feature wide, ribbed steps for comfortable and safe working. RAJA Workplace also stocks a range of larger folding steps for accessing higher areas.