Safety Knives & Industrial Scissors

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Safety knives and industrial scissors are used daily in many different industries, including retail, construction, food industry, and many more. Here at RAJA Workplace, we have an extensive range of safety knives and industrial scissors for a variety of uses such as box cutters, sheet cutters, packaging knives and snap off blades.

Safety knives are ideal for efficiently cutting through PVC, carpet, felt and cardboard boxes. We stock Secupro safety knives with an ergonomic aluminium trigger, lightweight Stanley safety knives, as well as Secumax safety knives that are suitable for both left and right-handed users. Our range of industrial scissors are available with a serrated blade for a clean cut. We also stock industrial scissors with a soft grip and ergonomic design for ultimate user comfort. For more packaging supplies, take a look at our wide range of box cutters and heavy-duty scissors.

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