Packing Tape

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Packing tape is the best way to securely seal cardboard boxes for shipping and storage. At RAJA Workplace, we have a wide range of high-quality parcel tape for all uses, including printed tape which features pre-printed warnings which is ideal for mailing fragile items, and vinyl packing tape that’s tear-resistant.

Our self-adhesive paper tape is 100% recyclable, easy to tear by hand and is also resistant to humidity and moisture, ensuring that the parcel tape will stay in place throughout the shipping process. Additionally, we also have high-quality Scotch tape available which is suitable for all temperatures, including deep freeze packages. Plus, it’s resistant to moisture and chemicals and won’t turn brittle with age, making it particularly suitable for sealing boxes that are going to be stored for long periods. For additional packaging supplies, browse our range of strapping tools and equipment.

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