RAJA Projects


You have found the product you need. It would have been absolutely perfect if only it was... not so wide, a foot longer or in a different colour.


RAJA Workplaces allow you to personalise an item to fit your needs. When a product is not quite right we can tailor, configure or colour match until it’s just how you want it.


Design a bespoke storage system, upholster your office furniture in Pantone-matched fabric, or fit made-to-measure entrance matting tailored to your layout. The options are limited only by your creativity.

Discover RAJA Projects

Workshop Equipment

We can create bespoke workbenches, drawer units and cabinets and supply CAD drawings of your chosen layout.

Acoustic Solutions

Pods offering acoustic ratings up to 34db or seats that limit noise and promote privacy can be tailored to your specification.


Choose from unlimited colours and a range of fabrics to match your corporate branding. Or design your own chair with individual back height or base.


Customise a great range of entrance matting to suit your layout. Available in aluminium, carpet or PVC, our team can advise at every stage from design to installation.

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