Face Masks & Shields

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Our range of respirator masks can help to protect employees against harmful particles in the air such as dust, paint fumes and chemicals, as well as from lower risk emissions such as sneezes and coughs.

We provide a number of disposable face masks that are perfect for keeping you safe from Coronoavirus during these unprecedented times or just to keep you covered during hay-fever season.

Our full-face respirators come in a range of small, medium and large sizes and feature a four-strap harness for a good fit. For added user comfort, they also have a cool flow valve which allows humid air to escape, reducing unpleasant heat build-up. Additionally, the respirator masks have a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens which is heavy duty and offers a wide field of vision. We also stock a range of half mask respirators that are lightweight and best suited to filtering fine dust particles such as silica, glass, wool and graphite. For more personal protective equipment, browse our offering of hearing protection.