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Employees working in warehouses or construction sites often have to lift heavy items or handle dangerous machinery. Because of this, it’s important that employees are provided with high-quality safety footwear with durable slip-resistant soles to protect against items being dropped and to prevent slips and falls.

Our range of safety wellies have reinforced ankles, a steel mid sole and 200 joules steel toecap protection, making them ideal for working outdoors or in wet conditions. Our safety work boots are best suited to warehouse work as they feature an oil-resistant rubber sole to prevent potential slips and also have a padded collar and tongue for comfort. For those working on construction sites, our rigger and chukka safety work boots are the ideal choice. They’re heat-resistant and hard-wearing, plus they also have a rubber sole for excellent slip resistance. For added style and comfort our safety trainers are a good choice. For additional personal protective equipment, browse our range of PPE clothing.