Galvanised Steel Shelving Accessories

Increase the usability of your galvanised steel shelving units with accessories. Our range of galvanised steel shelving accessories include extra floor fittings and feet, and back braces for additional strength and support. All of our accessories are designed to be easily and securely fitted to your shelving unit. They also have a galvanised finish, allowing your accessories to blend in with the aesthetic of your shelving.

A galvanised steel shelving accessory is the perfect addition to any steel shelving. Made from robust steel, they are built to last. Our heavy-duty floor fixings and feet are durable and are perfect for ensuring that your shelves are fixed safely and securely to the floor. Sturdy and reliable accessories can help transform your workspace into a practical space for any task. For more shelving and racking options, discover our wide range of medium-duty shelving.


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