Bar, Sheet & Cantilever Racking

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Store long, heavy, or flat items safely and neatly with cantilever racking and bar racks and cradles. Ideal if you’re trying to store items like bars, planks or panels. They can even hold products like sheet material, steel, and roofing sheets securely. The strong and sturdy upright design of cantilever racking gives you a solid choice for heavy items. Or, for items that need to be laid flat, sheet racks offer a reliable alternative.

Maximise your space and efficiency in the workplace with an ideal storage solution. The clever design of bar and cantilever racking helps protects your products from accidental damage while still offering plenty of space. Depending on your requirements, our bar cradles and cantilever racking are available as either standard or bespoke units. Browse our full range of industrial heavy-duty racking for more storage systems.

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