Anti Slip Mats

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Slips and falls are common causes of injury in the workplace, so it’s important that businesses take adequate measures to reduce the risk of slipping for employees. Our range of anti-slip tiles can ensure that your business complies with current health and safety regulations, while also reducing the risk of slipping in hazardous areas.

Our PVC floor matting is chemical-resistant and high quality, making it particularly well suited for use within warehouses. With a cross-ribbed lattice effect which makes them non-slip, they also work as anti-fatigue mats, so they’re perfect for employees that spend a lot of time of their feet. Additionally, we have a selection of anti-slip tiles for use in changing rooms or swimming pools, which feature an open weave surface that’s comfortable and allows water to drain through. If more industrial floor mats are required, browse our range of entrance door mats.