Snow Shovels & Scoops

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When the snow and cold weather hits, many businesses are underprepared, which is why we stock snow and ice control to make sure your workplace is ready. Snow shovels are essential to ensure that your business remains operational even in the toughest of winters. We have heavy duty snow shovels to clear pathways quickly and easily chip away at ice, which is perfect for rural locations. We also stock lightweight snow shovels which are suitable for more urban areas but can still cope with the harshest of winter weather.

We also sell aluminium snow shovels which are highly durable and ideal for heavier loads, as well as small snow scoops which are great for tight or small areas. We also have ice breakers to break solid ice if your workplace has areas of water. To prevent ice reforming, we recommend using our bulk grit salt on your car park and roads.