Flammable Liquid Cans & Plungers

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For workshops and garages, flammable liquid containers are incredibly useful for the storage and disposal of rags and liquids. If the liquid needs to be transported, we also have Jerry Cans which are leak-proof and comply with dangerous goods transportation regulations. Whatever your business needs, we stock a large range of flammable liquid storage containers here at RAJA Workplace.

For disposing of flammable liquids, we have waste bins with a perforated base for air circulation. This reduces the chance of spontaneous combustion, making them perfect for disposing of used wipes or soaked rags. There are also bench cans available for storing liquids and rags and keeping them in easy reach at all times. If your employees require a flammable liquid container that allows for controlled, precise pouring then there are also laboratory cans available. We also stock flammable storage cabinets, or take a look at our full range for more spill control options.