Pallet Box Cages

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Pallet cages, also known as metal stillages, encompass a variety of metal storage containers which are used to store items that may then be stacked onto a pallet. Available in a wide variety of sizes and materials, stillages are designed to hold smaller items, such as struts and supports, clamps, small pieces of timber, scaffolding parts, and other goods.

You can purchase quality metal stillages from RAJA Workplace, with a range of pallet cage designs. Pallet cages can be kept in the same type of racking as full-sized pallets, making them convenient for storage and movement. The stillages that we stock are made to make storing and transporting items easier, with a variety of options to make sure you can find the storage solution that you need. We also stock a range of cage sacks and roll pallet cages for secure transportation and pallet box cages and security cages for safe and secure storage.