Bott Verso Industrial Workbenches

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Invest in high quality workplace storage with a Bott Verso industrial workbench. The Bott Verso workbench range is designed to be tailored to your business needs by creating a flexible and versatile work space. Whether you need a height adjustable workbench, a mobile workbench or one with plenty of storage, the Bott Verso collection is useful for all purposes.

Made from heavy-duty steel, Bott Verso industrial workbenches are robust and ideal for a wide range of uses, from storage, to assembly and production. Creating a practical and productive workspace couldn’t be easier with our range of modular Bott Verso units. For more general-purpose workbenches, discover our range of Pack Tek workbenches, great for a multitude of uses within the packing industry, or for more industrial purposes, take a look at our Cantilever workbench range.

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